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TransForum Manchester is a discussion group and mutual peer support forum for all Trans* gender people and those in any way questioning their gender, together with their partners, family and friends.

Our group meets once a month on a Saturday. We discuss a wide variety of Trans related issues, make-up, speech therapy and much more. Our meetings include social time which encourages members to chat and get to know like minded members and we enjoy a wide variety of social activities in an around Manchester.

pointerpointer 2014 meeting dates are: 26th April, 31st May, 28th June, 19th July, 30th August, 27th September, 25th October, 22nd November, 13th December.

Celebrating 10 Years of TransForum - Manchester

To mark the occasion we are proud to present out new logo! TransForum Manchester has made a difference to so many lives over the last 10 years.

For our photo project 'Sparkle 10 Years' WE NEED YOUR Sparkle pictures.

Your pictures will be displayed on a wall at the Taurus Bar showing the history of Sparkle over the years.
Email your pictures to: Dawn Pomfret email: dawn@transforum.org.uk

Sprkle project

We meet in a Safe and Comfortable Space from 3.30 to 6.30pm at:
The Lesbian & Gay Foundation, 2nd Floor, No.5 Richmond Street, Manchester, M1 3HF.

Trans Women

Jenny-Anne and Dawn at Pride
elenSparkle stand

Asylum Magazine

Asylum Magazine would like to hear from the Trans* community as we are look at making a special issue. The magazine is a forum for free debate, open to anyone with an interest in psychiatry or mental health. We especially welcome contributions from service users or ex-users, carers, and frontline psychiatric or mental health workers

Contact us admin@asylumonline.net
pointer www.asylumonline.net

Based in Manchester, our membership extends around the North West and beyond. TransForum Members have a wealth of personal experience and helpful contacts within the local and national trans* communities. We have connections with other social and support groups, caring professions, government and the police.

TransForum members Include transsexual men and transsexual women, Transvestites and many other gender variant people such as androgynous, gender-queer, gender questioning , cross-dressing & inter-sex people. Our main membership is Male to Female Transsexuals and Transvestites, but we aim to support the whole community.

Social outings in and around Manchester allow you to present in your preferred gender, which helps members to build confidence in public spaces.

The meetings are free to join, but we do raise funds with a raffle and you can donate towards the refreshments.

Share Your Stories with the Community

Send us your story and get it featured on our website. Share your experiences of transitioning or an event that made you laugh, cry or simply send a thank you to a close friend or partner for giving you support when you needed it the most.

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Trans Men

  We are expanding our Trans Male membership. We are inviting our male friends in the to get in touch and submit information and support.
Get in touch with us...

For support and further information you can also visit www.morf.org.uk

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